Become a Life-Saver for Maltreated Children: Child Abuse Identification and Prevention

6 and 3 Hour Options

This highly interactive workshop balances a difficult topic with games and group activities and fulfills the requirements for Ohio child abuse and prevention training for daycare providers and K - 12 educators.  For educators, additional topics of drug awareness, violence prevention, and positive youth development, can be incorporated to meet all Ohio Safety Training requirements. Workshop participants will learn:

  • Definitions for all forms of maltreatment
  • Signs and symptoms for all forms of maltreatment (demonstated creatively incorporating a real survivor story!)
  • How to distinguish accidental injuries from abusive injuries
  • How to respond appropriately to disclosures of abuse
  • When, where and how to file a report for suspected maltreatment
  • Best practice abuse prevention strategies
  • Legal obligations for Ohio mandated reporters
  • Understanding the role and challenges of child protective agencies

Overcoming Trauma: The Recovery Process from Childhood Sexual Abuse

6 and 3 Hour Options

Yes, those kids CAN turn out healthy and happy after sexual abuse!! This course is SOS's most popular workshop and offers the survivor’s perspective in the long-term process of healing from childhood sexual abuse. Bonnie will walk participants through the stages of recovery incorporating her own healing strategies and current research covering the many stages of the grief/resolution process.

This presentation will use group activities, lectures, discussion and Q & A to address:

  • ​​Achieving sobriety
  • Awakening from denial
  • Coping with memories
  • Processing emotions of depression, rage and fear
  • Setting healthy boundaries with offenders, deniers and others
  • Working on significant other relationships
  • Preparing for confrontations - or not (either is OK!)
  • Finding a unique spirituality
  • Forgiveness concepts
  • Moving into acceptance and peace
  • Helping others after healing self

Training for Trauma Informed Care

Education that Saves Lives

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Understanding Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Survivor Perspective

3 Hours

A great workshop for ALL helping professionals who want to deeply understand the impact of sexual abuse on children (and branching into adulthood).  This workshop blends the best from "Overcoming Trauma" and "Become a Life-Saver for Maltreated Children" into a fascinating look into the world of the trauma survivor.  Participants will learn:

  • Definitions of sexual abuse
  • Emotional and mental impact of sexual trauma
  • Neurological changes resulting from trauma
  • The brain's system for storing (and re-emerging) traumatic memory
  • How to recognize the signs of childhood sexual abuse
  • How to help and support children and adults who are survivors

​The Power of New Shoes:  Healing the Tired Feet of Runaway Youth

6 and 3 Hours

The worn out feet of one in every seven kids between the ages of 10 and 18 will hit the streets running adding to the estimated 1 – 3 million runaway and homeless kids living on the streets in the United States.

Why do they run? What risks do they face? And most importantly, what can be done to prevent runaway episodes by offering them safety and stability – a life in new shoes? As a former staff trainer and client of Daybreak, a runaway shelter in Dayton, OH, Bonnie will answer these questions while changing a few shoes of her own! As a former teen runaway, she will share her personal story of fleeing child abuse, living on the run, and finding new hope.  She will also share parenting strategies for the caregivers of teens, the importance of establishing permanency connections for youth in placement, and local/national resources.

Feel free to join in discussion and get comfortable in your shoes!

Teen Dating Violence: Recognition and Response

3 Hours

According to a recent study by the American Medical Association, teen dating violence (TDV) involving physical or sexual assault affects one out of every five female high school students - and over 50% of their parents will never bring up the subject.  Physical, emotional, and sexual TDV can leave behind a wake of other unhealthy behaviors including substance abuse, eating disorders, risky sexual behaviors, and suicide attempts. Learning to recognize and respond to targets and perpetrators of TDV will help prevent this dysfunctional pattern from carrying through to adult years.This workshop covers:

Current dating violence statistics:

  • Risk factors, warning signs, and consequences for targets and perpetrators
  • The cycle of violence and power and control tactics of offenders
  • Information about electronic aggression
  • How TDV differs from adult domestic violence
  • Real life stories from teen targets
  • Information about Ohio HB 10 amendments allowing teens to secure protection orders
  • How to intervene and respond to situations of TDV​